First time

So I nearly lost the will to life setting this up. My kids have told me for so long to blog but I just shrugged it off. Mainly because I had no fecking idea of how to do it but also because at the time of day when blogging seems a good idea typing is so blooming hard!  One word forward one back space. How do I have so many random ,ns, just popping up in the middle of sentences and seriously now does the ipad really think that a word can consist of a million letters all strung together with a little wiggly line under them.  Having said that some of them to my shame and secret ridiculous amusement are now part of my every day correspondence.  My poor darling daughter can tell exactly how many glasses i have drunk by how funny I find the spell checks and how many I allow into my goodnight message,

so here we are my first ever blog. I am, obviously, a little worse for wear.  I had what up until about 7.30 was definitely. So definitely going to be a good non drinking none bad eating engaging with the arsehole ( sorry probably a bit earlyish to enter the maybe less than charitable feelings I can have toward my husband, trying not to curl my lip as I write that) being nice to the teenage boys, evening. Then sort of went pear shaped and and surface to say a bottle of wine loads of sushi (Yup I like that shit it doesn’t define me. Trust me I like most things that involve salt, protein and sugar tonight it happened to be sushi. Last night sad to say it was nachos. So so many nachos which was why tonight was going to be good super good night) and choc choc chip scones with ice cream.  Did I mention I bake, a lot and even more when I am either hung over or sad. My kids loved it when I got drunk when they were little, all the other kids hated their mums drinking mine loved it not only would I get them up to eat crisps in the middle of the night but the next day once I could lift my head, I have a ridiculously low and pitiful capacity. I have seriously done my best and worked so hard at it but cannot change the fact that one glass is all it really takes, mind you never actually ever stopped at one. Or indeed two, nope now I think about it nor three, I would make ridiculous baked good for lunch. Today was choc choc chip scones with coffee glaze. So good. I don’t like scones I thought I was safe. These are so good. Actually that is the other thing. What do I do with all the extra baked goods.  Maybe I could have a blog and a place where I could off load all the extra cakes. Trust me the whole baking thing can get out of hand

so now I am bored of the back key. I have no idea of what happens now. I like this. In guess if anyone else likes listening to me being super dull let me know. Gosh that sounded knobby. I’m new. I have no idea.


5 thoughts on “First time

      1. lol I’m all for listening or reading in this case. I guess that’s one thing about blogging or just the internet in general. Even if you don’t think someone is reading there’s going to be someone who has. In this case it’s me lol.


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